Bertrand Duplat, CEO
Paris, France
Robeauté is developing tiny, highly precise microrobots for novel medical therapies in hard-to-reach areas of the body. While designed specifically for neurosurgeons to use in the brain, the microrobot can also be deployed to other complex regions of the body — to perform biopsies, for example, to collect precise, localized data, and to deliver therapies on site, at exactly the right dosage.

The Robeauté team operates at the intersection of microrobotics, engineering and medicine. Their vision is to push robotic surgery to its next, more advanced step — microrobotic surgery — to allow for greater precision, better results, and bold new therapies to tackle global diseases.
Why we invested
We strongly believe that targeted, highly precise treatment is the future of medicine. The micro robots that Robeauté is developing would make it possible to treat parts of the body that are currently inaccessible—delivering targeted treatment, for example or performing operations. The path is long, not least in terms of approvals, but the technology is robust and the team is excellent. These microrobots share similarities with spacecrafts, albeit on a much smaller level, so the added value we bring with our space tech background is a win-win situation.

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