Jason Andrews, CEO
Nicholas Gaume, CEO
Seattle, USA
Civilian space travel: what once seemed like an impossible dream is rapidly getting closer to reality. Orbite is meeting that demand with training programs and orientation packages that give intrepid travelers a taste of the astronaut experience. Offered at locations in France and Florida, the premium packages include VR space flight simulations, a ride in a zero-gravity plane, and high g-force training upon request.

The company is a partnership between seasoned space tech entrepreneur Jason Andrews, who previously founded BlackSky and Spaceflight, and French hospitality executive Nicholas Gaume.
Why we invested
As soon as co-founder Jason Andrews described his plans for Orbite over a coffee in New York, we were ready to commit. Cape Canaveral is such a historic place, the site where mankind’s journey into space began; the fact that there is little there for people to experience has been a missed opportunity. We especially love the openness that Orbite’s complex will offer. In addition to astronaut training, people can also visit the on-site museum, have lunch and watch a launch from the rooftop. It will make the wonders of space travel accessible to all kinds of people.

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