Barbara Belvisi, CEO
Paris, France
Los Angeles, USA
Imagine environment-controlled aeroponic pods that create the perfect conditions for growing more than 300 species of food. Using AI-powered architecture, biology, material science, and advanced engineering, Interstellar Labs creates regenerative, closed-loop systems that will provide vital life support during space missions. The same technology can also be used on Earth to provide sustainable food cultivation in times of climate crisis.

Barbara Belvisi started her career as an investor and founder of The Family, a Paris-based incubator. At 28, she founded her own asset management firm that later became the Hardware Club, a $50M hybrid fund dedicated to robots and hardware startups. In 2018, she was named one of the top 10 women in tech in France and on the Forbes list of the world’s top 100.
Why we invested
The biopods being built by Interstellar Labs manage water and energy usage in an incredibly smart and efficient manner, thanks to their use of technologies developed by NASA engineers. They’re already the best in class compared to other biopods, and their technology can be scaled to many other applications, like helping crops grow faster, with higher yields. We’re very keen on the idea of space technologies enabling new possibilities here on Earth.

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