Vanessa Clark, CEO
William Kowalski, COO
Denver, USA
Atomos Space is building the future of orbital logistics, providing “last-mile” transportation services for satellite operators with orbital transfer vehicles (“OTVs”). By residing in orbit, OTVs can be deployed quickly, easily, and cost-effectively to perform services like precision insertion or orbit raising for satellites. Using novel spacecraft power systems, ubiquitous rendezvous capabilities, and efficient in-space propulsion, Atomos OTVs allow previously unattainable maneuverability. Atomos will launch their first OTV, Quark, in 2023. Since its founding, the company has won and executed more than $2M in contracts with NASA, the US Air Force, and US Space Force.

Co-founder and CEO Vanessa Clark is an aerospace engineer with years of experience at Airbus Defence and Space, the German Aerospace Centre, and Lockheed Martin.
Why we invested
We met Vanessa when she was still at Lockheed Martin, and over the course of one lunch in Denver she convinced us of her vision, her technological brilliance and her resilience as an entrepreneur. The Atomos spacecraft has promising applications for removing the threat of space debris, amongst other applications. But Vanessa also has an exciting vision to develop a nuclear fission propulsion system, which could revolutionize space travel and eliminate the chemical propellant that we’ve depended on for the past 70 years. We knew we had to get in early to foster this brilliant mind and help push her vision forward.

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