We invest in humans first,
technology second

As longtime entrepreneurs, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by innovators. We champion our founders and give them the holistic support to succeed.
Both on Earth and in space, trust is crucial for our survival. Trust is the basis of all our relationships, from team members to partners. We demonstrate trustworthiness through our behaviour.
At Urania we seek to understand. The decisions we make and the actions we take are based on insights, facts and data enriched with our experience and intuition.
Once we make a decision, we stand behind it 110%. We bring the knowledge, passion and grit to help our founders succeed in their endeavors.
Resources are scarce. We only have one Earth. The technology we help to build serves the environment and humanity and aims to create equal accessibility.
As a private fund, Urania Ventures is fully independent. From this position we strive to be the most reliable partner in the solar system.
What our partners say
“Urania Ventures is a true business partner. Their impact-driven, patient and supportive approach has been extremely valuable during ThrustMe's seed-stage.”
Dr Ane Aanesland, Founder and CEO of ThrustMe
“Urania Ventures have been an incredibly impactful LP to us since they invest in emerging fund managers with diverse teams. Urania Ventures have supported us proactively in fundraising by opening up their immense network, with great dealflow, deep knowledge of deep tech, and as a trusted partner in our Limited Partner Advisory Committee.”
Dr. Gesa Miczaika, General Partner Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund
“With Urania Ventures we found a like-minded, value-driven partner who particularly stands out through their mission alignment and high commitment to helping us succeed. We are proud to have Maru and the team on board to build the future of food.”
Tanja Bogumil, Founder & CEO Perfeggt
“Maru's and Hélène's combined global industrial and scientific network is a power. Urania Ventures has supported us with its commitment to Climentum Capital and brought in significant added value by introducing us to industry leaders from the deep tech scene - who joined us as strategic partners and investors. We are thrilled to have Maru on our advisory board.”
Dörte Hirschberg, General Partner Climentum Capital
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