Neha Satak, CEO
Prasad H L Bhat, CTO
Bengaluru, India
Astrome is a deep-tech innovator accelerating the deployment of 5G internet and telecom infrastructure through satellite communication products and patented telecome radios. For example, their GigaMesh wireless radio distributes the core fibre capacity in cities to towers in nearby rural areas. Other upcoming products will play a critical role in the deployment of 5G across urban and rural zones at a fraction of the cost.

Founder and CEO Neha Satak holds a PhD from Texas A&M University in Aerospace Engineering and worked as a research associate at the University of Florida in association with the Air Force Research Lab. Before Astrome, she honed her entrepreneurial skills by founding two other space companies. Her team includes electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, astrodynamicists, and software developers.
Why we invested
In few other places is the digital divide so stark as in India. We were greatly impressed with founder and CEO Neha Satak’s vision to address this issue, not to mention her robust engineering and entrepreneurial background. Space communications is a complex and competitive area, but Astrome is very well-positioned to come out as a leader. As always, we were won over by the strength of their technology and business strategy, as well as their team.

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