Sakshi Chhabra Mittal
FOODHAK is bringing clinical research on food to life (using NLP / machine learning, medical experts, and chefs), in the form of delicious meals that are personalized, disease-targeted, and delivered via a subscription model to your doorstep. FOODHAK is a sustainability focussed business and stands against animal cruelty - all meals are vegan! Food is differentiated in that it is - anti-inflammatory, low glycemic index, alkaline, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free (all plant based), cholesterol lowering, diabetic friendly.
Why we invested
We met Sakshi many years ago, and when Sakshi told us about the plan she had with FOODHAK, it was crystal clear that we wanted to be part of this endeavor and invest. As investors, we should be proactive and not responsive to innovation. The same goes for our health. We believe in food as preventative medicine. FOODHAK is the best solution we see on the market to combine clinical research data and machine learning with building disease-targeted recipes and planned personalized nutrition. Sakshi is the founder and leader driven by an excellent intention to scale this solution globally to help billions live healthier and longer.

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