Guillaume Lacroix
Laurent Lucas
Renaud Le Van Kim
New York, USA
Paris, France
Brut. is a global media company that creates short-form news and feature-based video content for audiences around the world. With offices on two continents, Brut. publishes content daily in three languages and across eight social platforms. Covering topics from politics to technology and social justice, culture and more, Brut. videos are viewed more than 500 million times a month and touch more than 150 million worldwide.
Why we invested
We were immediately won over by founder Guillaume Lacroix’s vision for a cutting-edge, impactful media platform. It’s clear that today’s young people aren’t reading newspapers—and relying on social media for information is flawed. The short, high-quality videos on Brut are human-centric and focused on individual stories, but with a global perspective—a vision we share completely. Brut has been a major success and is only getting bigger. These are the opportunities we live for: ventures that make a positive impact while doing great business.

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