Claire Novorol
Daniel Nathrath
Berlin, Germany
Ada is a global health company founded by doctors, scientists and industry pioneers to create new possibilities for personal health and transform knowledge into better outcomes. Its core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help people actively manage their health and to empower health systems to deliver more effective care. The company works with leading health providers, organizations and governments to set new standards for AI in healthcare. With an average rating of 4.75/5 on Android and 4.8/5 on iOS, the free Ada Health app is helping millions of users check their symptoms and understand and manage their well-being with trusted medical expertise.
Why we invested
We believe that the future of medicine will increasingly rely on distance diagnosis and AI tools. It’s a huge market and an important one, making high-quality medical support accessible to more and more people. Ada’s AI technology is best in class, and the app has very high rates of user satisfaction. Quite simply, Ada Health is bringing relief to a lot of people. But as with all our investments, our decision to back them came down to our trust in their founder, Daniel Nathrath.

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