Solange Arnaud, CEO
Paris, France
From osteopathy to naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine to hypnotherapy and reflexology, Médoucine lets users throughout France find and book certified practitioners in their area. Each listing is curated and pre-vetted according to the practitioner's background, training, and the scientific recognition of their area of practice.

The Médoucine platform also includes extensive educational resources on alternative medical practices, designed by their team of experts, and has also founded Médoucine Academy, an online training course to help practitioners reach more patients and succeed professionally.
Why we invested
In France, alternatives to conventional medicine, such as naturopathy or osteopathy, are known as “soft” medicine (“douce”). We believe these forms of care are complementary to conventional medicine, not contrary. As a platform, Medoucine combines the best of both worlds: the rational and the “soft” alternative. Founder Solange Arnaud’s vision and strategy are bolstered by her robust engineering background. And because all listings are curated by a medical team before being added to the platform, users are ensured the best-quality care.

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