Dr. Setthivoine You, Chief Scienist
Marta Calvo, Operations
Dr. Stephane Lintner, Chairman
Berkeley, USA
HelicitySpace develops critical propulsion and power technology necessary for enabling humanity's expansion into the solar system. Its Helicity Drive technology is a scalable, pulsed fusion concept — from fusion-augmented electric propulsion to fully ignited reactors — based on magnetic reconnection, plasma plectonemes, and peristaltic magnetic compression. It’s significantly faster and more fuel-efficient than other engines — making travel to Mars four times faster for example.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Setthivoine You earned his Ph.D. in physics from Imperial College London, and dedicated nearly 20 years to experimental and theoretical research in plasma physics at top research institutions before entering the private sector.
Why we invested
This is the kind of revolutionary idea that makes us sit up and get excited. Helicity’s nuclear fusion propulsion system aims to utterly revolutionize how we travel in space. The need for chemical propellant would be eliminated, enabling crafts to not only travel faster, they could stay in space for years without refueling. There are still some years of research to go before the scalability of the technology is proven, but we strongly believe in backing early when the potential benefits are so groundbreaking and the scientific basis so convincing.

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