Tanja Bogumil, CEO
Bernd Becker, CPO
Gary Lin
Perfeggt is revolutionizing sustainable, plant-based eating with a new egg substitute that is versatile and nutritious — not to mention extra tasty. Cruelty-free and good for both people and the planet, the Perfeggt product is made from broad beans, using innovative technology from one of Germany's top food researchers and developers of meat substitutes. It's part of the company's mission to build a more caring, future-ready food system.

The multidisciplinary, international team around the founding trio Tanja Bogumil (CEO), Gary Lin, and Bernd Becker (CPO) consist of pioneers and specialists in alternative proteins, product development, and entrepreneurship.  At the center of Perfeggt is a drive to disrupt the food industry by moving away from the existing processes toward a more sustainable and caring approach to food production.
Why we invested
The way meat is currently produced is unsustainable. The future of food must include new, better sources of plant-based protein. Perfeggt has the vision to meet this need and the technological expertise to pull it off. Their proprietary formula for transforming bean protein into a tasty, versatile egg substitute is an exciting breakthrough in future foods. Our relationship with founder Tanja Bogumil goes back many years, and she’s proven herself to be a resilient, ambitious entrepreneur time and again.

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