Luc Piguet, CEO
Muriel Richard-Noca, Chief Engineer
Lausanne, Switzerland
ClearSpace SA, a spin-off EPFL’s Space Center, was created in 2018 to respond to growing concern about space debris with a practical Active Debris Removal (ADR) solution. ClearSpace is developing technologies to capture and deorbit obsolete objects in a significantly more affordable and sustainable way than the astronaut-led missions of the past. It provides in-orbit services to support institutions and commercial operators in their space endeavors and to support a sustainable space economy.

In November 2020, ClearSpace signed an €86 million contract with the European Space Agency to lead the first in-orbit mission to remove space debris by 2025.
Why we invested
Space debris is a real, critically urgent threat. There are various players developing ways to remove this debris, but the fact that Clearspace won the first big contract from the European Space Agency to do so spoke volumes to us. Their technology is impressive, and we saw a clear opportunity to bring added value with our extensive program management experience. Through our partnership, we’re confident we can help boost Clearspace to become the European leader in this field.

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